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Learning English Affiliate Program – Payments and Earnings

Payments and Earnings For Learning English Affiliate Program Below is a list of FAQs regarding our Learning English Affiliate Program Payment and Earnings: How will I know that orders came through my blog or website? Through the affiliate links that you generate, so if a visitor you refer to us doesn’t purchase immediately, but then […]

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Learning English Affiliate Program – Guidelines

Guidelines For Learning English Affiliate Program Below is a list of guidelines regarding the Affiliate Program: You need to have Paypal account to receive your funds. No other payment methods are supported at the moment. You can NOT use your own affiliate links to purchase our eBook. Doing so will terminate your affiliate account […]

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Learning English Affiliate Program – FAQs

Affiliate Program for Learning English – FAQs What is your Affiliate Program? Our affiliate program financially rewards you for directing customers to our “Learn English Faster In Half The Time”. eBook. When a product is purchased by a customer you refer, we pay you a commission for the sale(s). How do I join your Affiliate […]

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Learn English Affiliate

Learn English Affiliate – Become a “learn English” Affiliate. Start Earning 25% commission That is $2.50 for each eBook you sell All you need is to sign-up to become a Learn English affiliate and use the code generated for you to link to this site via a text or an image banner. When a person […]

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How to learn English and become smarter!

Learn English as a second language – How to learn English and become smarter! Good news for anyone learning a second language. A recent report by scientists at Northwestern University in the USA says that bilingualism – that’s speaking two languages like a native speaker – makes you more intelligent. Here’s the BBC report on […]

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10 Best & Easy Ways to Learn English Faster

Learn English Faster – 10 Best & Easy Ways We’ve all heard a thousand times that the only way to really learn English is to be totally immersed in the language, completely surrounded by it everywhere you go. But we wanted to go deeper than that and find quick and easy ways to start getting […]

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